Attorney Fees

Hiring an attorney is not the only way to meet your immigration needs. Some people do it on their own. However, this is not recommended. Immigration laws change all the time and the only way to be sure the right thing is being done for your specific need is to hire an immigration attorney who knows what to do and has done it before.

Below are the immigration attorney fees and USCIS filing fees for the Rapha Law Firm. We are determined to ensure that all prospective clients know the associated immigration costs before the planning process begins.

Before services are rendered, the filing fees and the signed retainer agreement with our Firm is due. Also, USCIS filing fees must be submitted before any USCIS application is filed.

For complex cases and cases with time discrepancies, the Firm provides a price range. Fees for some cases may vary depending on the circumstances of that client’s situation.

Due to certain circumstances beyond our control, the Rapha Law Firm cannot absolutely guarantee that your case will be approved. However, we can guarantee that we will do everything in our power to submit the proper paperwork, follow-up with requests for evidence, and more.


  • The immigration attorney fees presented on this page represent the anticipated charges for frequently requested immigration services. Please click the specific link for more information related to that immigration option.

  • A charge between $100-$150 may be incurred to cover the costs of incidentals such as shipping or expedited delivery. You will be notified if this applies to your case.

  • These immigration attorney fees are subject to change from the time of posting. For the most accurate pricing information, contact us directly.

Family-Based Green Cards

  • Fiance Visas

    • K-1 Visa Petition – For the Fiance of a US Citizen:

    • Attorney Fee: $2500 (1/2 due in two stages)

    • USCIS Fee:  $535

  • Family-Based Petition filed by a U.S. Citizen

    • Attorney Fee: $2500

    • USCIS Fee:  $535

    • Department of State Fees: $665

  • Green Card by Marriage to a U.S. Citizen (filed within U.S.)

    • Attorney Fee: $1850

    • USCIS Fee: $1,760 (I-130: $535; I-485: $1225)

  • I-751 – Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence

    • Attorney Fee: $1600 (*Attendance at interview, if applicable, will be an additional charge)

    • USCIS Fee: $680


  1. N-400 Application for Naturalization

    • Attorney Fee: $1250

    • USCIS Fee: $725

  2. E-Verify Compliance

    • Attorney Fee: $750 (plus $125 each additional)

    • Responding to requested documents: $250



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