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Immigration Law

The Rapha Law Firm, LLC is on a mission is to make the dreams of impending immigrants a reality.


We understand that the journey is long and difficult, with seemingly endless requirements and countless hurdles to clear.


We are here to provide skilled legal guidance, support, and encouragement throughout each step of the process.


We can assist in the interpretation of and compliance with all immigration laws as well as inform you of your rights and immigration opportunities afforded by future legislation.

Immigration Areas

What Does an Immigration Attorney Do?

An immigration lawyer helps a client identify a type of visa that allows them to lawfully enter the United States. If they might be eligible for multiple types of visas, the attorney might need to help them choose among alternatives. The attorney  works on behalf of an individual or on behalf of an employer who wants to bring a worker into the United States.

Once the correct type of visa is identified, an immigration lawyer helps clients process their application. The attorney also helps them prepare for anything that could cause their application to fail.

Family Based Green Cards

Nonimmigrant Visa


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